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Mulberry Preschool

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Mulberry Preschool London

in a beautiful park

We are smack bang in the city, in the oasis of a beautiful park.  We are not in the forest, we are in the amazing city of London, so we have Urban Nature School, where we can discover nature still thriving around us – our basis for life.

inside or outside

Inside, outside and into the wilder spaces beyond the boundary fence, Mulberry Outdoors is about playing and learning, giving the children opportunities to develop confidence and self esteem through hands on learning experiences.
The weather, what about it?– We embrace the seasons and let the children feel, experience and grow with them, so whatever the weather we still go out, its just clothing that is wrong – not the weather!

we read books

A high percentage of our time each day will be outside, creatively taking their learning into a different environment. We read books… down by the pond or on a log under a tree, we create letter shapes with … well the children decide that, but they also have time inside too, free flowing time to explore and structured time for more focused practice.


We are connecting with a Forest School in British Colombia, Canada. Comparing nature in the city to that of the big outdoors. The children will exchange their experiences through art, writing … and technology.